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Research in archives and parishes in the Rhineland   23,00  € / hour
Analysis and preparation of data and documents in the office, Internet research   23,00  € / hour
Consulting service by telephone or personally, attendence to archives   23,00  € / hour
Settlement per 1/4 hour or part thereof.      
Travel expenses (car)   0,30  € / km
Round-trip expenses (train, bus) (receipt)      
Possibly utilisations fee (receipt) from 2,00 
Copies of records and documents (receipt) from 0,30 
Certified copies (receipt) from 10,00  € / a piece
Postage for letters from 1,45 
Photos digital (on CD)   1,00  € / a piece
Photos paper print (up to postcard size)   2,50  € / a piece
Photos paper print (from postcard size)   on  request
Historical Maps (Tranchot) from 25,00  € / a piece
Copies of burial notes (if available) ab 1,00  € / a piece

During the regulated retention periods records are administered in the civil registry offices and research can only be undertaken by archive staff. Certain other archives impose similar administrative restrictions.
Costs from 11,00 € per 1/4 hour or part thereof, plus the costs of the copies. Costs are to the account of the client.
Processing times of more than 6 weeks are not uncommon due to staffing constraints in the archives.

Other activities around genealogical issues on request.

As a small contractor under §19 UstG, purchase tax is not declared.